Worthing Homeless Project 2013

I submitted two pieces for the exhibition of work created to reflect the work of The Worthing Homeless Project that celebrated its 10th year of operation. This exhibition was held during Worthing Open Houses Art Trail in June/July 2013. To support my work I was able to visit one of the project residences and draw. There I met several clients who shared their responses to the work. My pieces were triggered by an anonymous profile provided by the Project before I started work.

The website:  http://www.wchp.org.uk

The profile:

‘I am a 42 year old white, British male. I was discharged from hospital where I was being treated for mental health issues and found myself homeless. I have two ex wives and four children, the children are all that keep me going. I have attempted to take my own life twice as I feel I have no control over what happens to me or what has happened to me. I became homeless initially due to overwhelming debt after losing my job; I then borrowed money from a loan shark and my story spiralled out of control from there.’

The first piece includes a photocopy of a photograph that I drew on. The second is a charcoal drawing completed in one of the rooms used to provide initial shelter for clients. I believe one piece is still available. All sales were bids that were donations to the project.

Down ... But not out             It's the children