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The piece of silk flying in the film then became the ground for this painting.

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Worthing Open Houses Art Trail 2013

Yet again with fellow artists Jane Keeley and John Stanley-Clamp the house was open for three summer weekends in June/July.  We welcomed almost 600 visitors to see a range of work – paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures and video.

As well as life work, I showed work on the theme of ‘Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight’. This thread of thinking has developed as the year has progressed. The germ of the idea came from a discussion with my life model, Emily, who spoke about a book of that title. I have not read the book because the title is enough.The first work only exists now in five photographs – a montage of images on block mounts. The image was formed from charcoal and graphite dust and soft pastel. The finger marks extended what began as shavings of charcoal and these formed the image. I worked into it over four days. When I attempted to fix the image it disintegrated.This initial response led to seven more paintings.There is a sketchbook begun before the conversation that contains marks and movements that informed the paintings.

I don’t think this thread of work is anywhere near complete …. Looking back I think it has been around a long time in my sub-conscious. It’s great that it’s started to surface.


Last Hours 5 (3)         Last Hours 6 (4)crop         Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight 1 (4)         Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight 5 (8)


Last hours - photo montage  (1)          Last hours - photo montage  (5)

These last two images are photographs of the original non-permanent piece.


I was also able to exhibit in Worthing Art Studios in my work space. Here I showed my new video called ‘Crane Watch’. This video reflects my observations of the two cranes that have hung over my garden as work progressed on The Beach building as building work progressed. I filmed from February to May.


Crane 12.12 (7)adj

Art on the Pier 2013

For the second year I have work on Worthing Pier in a season long exhibition of local art. The opening on a very windy day saw a crowd of artists and valiant families and friends swept along to see the wide range of pieces. Many thanks to Vanessa and Nadia of ‘Creative Waves’ for initiating and organising the project and the publicity! The work will be on show all summer along-side an exhibition of children’s work.

Information about this and other events organised by Creative Waves:

Butterwell 2              Bologna

Worthing Homeless Project 2013

I submitted two pieces for the exhibition of work created to reflect the work of The Worthing Homeless Project that celebrated its 10th year of operation. This exhibition was held during Worthing Open Houses Art Trail in June/July 2013. To support my work I was able to visit one of the project residences and draw. There I met several clients who shared their responses to the work. My pieces were triggered by an anonymous profile provided by the Project before I started work.

The website:

The profile:

‘I am a 42 year old white, British male. I was discharged from hospital where I was being treated for mental health issues and found myself homeless. I have two ex wives and four children, the children are all that keep me going. I have attempted to take my own life twice as I feel I have no control over what happens to me or what has happened to me. I became homeless initially due to overwhelming debt after losing my job; I then borrowed money from a loan shark and my story spiralled out of control from there.’

The first piece includes a photocopy of a photograph that I drew on. The second is a charcoal drawing completed in one of the rooms used to provide initial shelter for clients. I believe one piece is still available. All sales were bids that were donations to the project.

Down ... But not out             It's the children

Worthing Art Studios

In March I was fortunate to have the opportunity to join a new studio with 11 other artists – the first group studio in Worthing. The space is generous and the group eclectic.I find my space an oasis for reflection while often meeting others as I head for the kettle! Long may it continue …

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